On this page we make available some Japanese audio-clips from our L-Lingo Japanese. This is a multimedia program featuring nearly 2000 word and sentence combinations in a motivating and easy-to-use way. If you like this page then get some free audio-visual lessons with our online language learning software, no registration required! Language Learning Software L-Lingo Japanese

Learn Japanese reading, Japanese writing and Japanese speaking with these free Japanese words and sentences. You can listen to the Japanese sentences by clicking on the play button. All words and sentences are spoken by real Japanese natives and this helps you in learning the correct pronunciation.


Lesson 1 - Greetings

こんにちは。 konnichiwa Hello
元気ですか。 genki desuka How are you?
元気です。ありがとう。 genki desu arigatou I'm fine, thank you.
私の名前はタニアです。 watashi no namae wa tania desu My name is Tanja.
どうぞよろしく。 douzoyoroshiku Nice to meet you.
さようなら。 sayounara Goodbye
あなたは英語を話しますか。 anata wa eigo o hanashi masuka Do you speak English?
はい、私は英語を話します。 hai watashi wa eigo o hanashi masu Yes, I speak English.
いいえ、私は英語を話しません。 iie watashi wa eigo o hanashi masen No, I don't speak English.
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Benefits and Features of L-Lingo Japanese

L-Lingo Japanese is designed for learners without or with little previous knowledge of the Japanese language. The comprehensive program contains 105 lessons and is comparable to 1-2 years of teaching of the Japanese language. The lessons cover the complete spectrum of traveling & social life, at home, at work, body & mind and nature. There are five special lessons with a focus on common Japanese phrases and dialogues.

  • Approximately 2000 Japanese words and sentences
  • Highly adaptable to your learning style and level
  • Full native speaker pronuncation by Japanese natives
  • Learn Japanese pronunciation, Japanese listening, Japanese writing and Japanese speaking
  • Print out your own Japanese learning cards and Japanese text-book