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Learn Burmese reading, Burmese writing and Burmese speaking with these free Burmese words and sentences. You can listen to the Burmese sentences by clicking on the play button. All words and sentences are spoken by real Burmese natives and this helps you in learning the correct pronunciation.


Lesson 9 - Clothes

ဝတ္ထားသည္ Wit Htar Thi wear
ဝတ္လိုက္သည္ Wit Lite Thi put on
ခ႗တ္သည္ Choot Thi take off
အဝတ္အစား Ah Wit Ah Sarr clothes
ေဘာင္းဘီ Boung B trousers
ရႀပ္အကဵႈတစ္ထည္ Shirt Inn-g Ta Htae shirt
တီရႀပ္တစ္ထည္ T-shirt Ta Htae t-shirt
ဝတ္စံုတစ္စံု Wit Sone Ta Sone dress
ေဴခအိတ္တစ္စံု Chay Eight Ta Eight pair of socks
ဘိနပ္တစ္ရံ Phanat Ta Yan pair of shoes
ဆၾယ္တာအကဵႈတစ္ထည္ Swal-tar Inn-G Ta Htae sweatshirt
ဂဵာကင္တစ္ထည္ Jarkin Ta Htae jacket
စကတ္ Skirt skirt
ဝတ္စံု Wit Sone suit
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